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Our Story BeginsEdit

If you are new to this wiki, go to the page 'Here and Now'. If you were on this Wiki previously, find where you left off in the 'Places' category.

Latest activityEdit

  • new page Maze Exit II
    created by Mrscruffy
    New page: With the gem in one hand and the staff in the other, you approach a large stone door, encrusted with gold, jewels and intricate designs. When you...
  • new page Maze XVI
    created by Mrscruffy
    New page: You probably should have guessed by the hordes of rampaging skeletons that this wasn't the right way. You're dead within a minute. Return to: The...
  • edit Maze XV
    edited by Mrscruffy diff
  • new page Maze XV
    created by Mrscruffy
    New page: This route looks promising. A shimmering light can be seen about a 100m away. You walk briskly towards it, certain you have chosen the right path....
  • new page Maze XIV
    created by Mrscruffy
    New page: You walk forward, every footstep echoing around the corridor, and every heartbeat amplified to the sound of a troll's bongoes. You approach a large...
  • edit User:Sannse
    edited by Sannse diff
    Summary: Updating user page
  • new page Maze XIII
    created by Mrscruffy
    New page: There are corpses all over the floor. Some have arrows stuck in their chests. Others have so horribly deformed bodies, they're barely recognisable as...
  • new page Maze XII
    created by Mrscruffy
    New page: You sprint down the dank, dusty, dark corridor, just wanting to get out of this hell-hole. You trip on a stone and land on what appears to be a...
  • edit Maze V
    edited by Mrscruffy diff
  • edit Maze VIII
    edited by Mrscruffy diff

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