With the gem in one hand and the staff in the other, you approach a large stone door, encrusted with gold, jewels and intricate designs. When you come very close, the gem you are holding glows and the door swings open with a creak. As soon as you are through, it shuts with a bang. You take in your surroundings. You appear to be in a massive palace, with ornate decorations on every wall and on the ceiling. A pristine sparkling stram flows from a glistening white bed to the palace exit. The most impressive feature is a massively tall sandstone statue of presumably the owner of the palace that towers above all the other hyroglyphs and etchings. Behind you, there is no trace that a door ever was, and there appears no way to reopen it.


Exit the palace by following the stream

Go through a door behind the giant statue

Investigate the statue