What was this thing you were looking at?

Shimmering down there amongst the dirt and dust, seeming so pure amongst the rotten planks and crumbling rocks. The only source of light in a world of darkness.

You were exploring an abandoned mine shaft. It had an air of mystery to it that you couldn't resist. It had to be unmasked, the horrors that lay within unveiled to the world.

This reflective swirling gap in in front of you is baffling. You throw a rock into the misty pool, which disappears amidst the clouds of pale blue and silver. With caution, you reach and touch it with your hand. Nothing. It feels cool and soft against your skin, urgin you further to enter it. Without thinking, you jump into it the mesmorising ripples filling your head. You have entered the Mobius Vortex.

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The Vortex

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